EM against horse flu

Twee berichten uit de EM-Farm-Ind Yahoogroup, 29 oktober 2007

Van: Fred Haskins
Aan: EM Farm
Onderwerp: [EM-Farm-Ind] Horse Flu

Hi Vinny & Group
As you may have heard, Australia has had a horse flu epidemic over the past couple of months.
The Federal Government has imported 100,000 Flu vacines to treat 50,000 of the most valuable horses.
One of the farms I consult to, has trotters.
When the horse flu arrived, I convinced the owner to give his horses EMA.
The majority of the horses in the area have been infected, but his horses have remained healthy.
As it is the breeding season has nearly past , the owner has decided to send his mares off to the stallion.
This farm has been infected , but has now been cleared. although there other farms in the area with horses still infected.
The mares have been here for nearly two weeks and haven’t contacted horse flu.
May be it is EM, may be it is not, but will keep you informed how we go
Fred Haskins

Van: Claudia Garner
Onderwerp: RE: [EM-Farm-Ind] Horse Flu

Hi Fred,

I think you are on to something. I have my herd of 8 horses on EM. They get it free choice. My horses are much compromised, as I run a Hoofclinic and all horses who come into the clinic are lame and have toxic reactions. They get dosed in the beginning with Milk thistle (organic, in powder form) to detox the liver and get high doses of EM to improve the gut flora. This seems to boost their immune system. Then they have EM free choice, the 8 horses go through a dilution of 1 quart AEM to 20 gallons of water in about two days. I have not vaccinated my own horses in years and had no problems despite of the traffic we have here with new horses coming in frequently.
The fecal tests are in general negative, with the occasional exception.
Also, these horses are out 24/7, which lessens their stress response. They are barefoot and correctly trimmed to facilitate healing in their hooves on which they stand and move for about 22 hours a day. Our fields are harrowed and sprayed with EM. We feed organic oats. All of this together with the EM seems to do the trick.

Hope this helps,
Best to you and the Australian horses,

Claudia and Charles Garner
300 Saddlemount Drive
Hopkins (next to Columbia) SC 29061