Application Of EM Technology

Professor Teruo Higa, College of Agriculture, University of the Ryukyus, Okinawa, Japan 

Clinical and Basic Medical Research on EM-X, A Collection of Research Papers (Volume 2)
Supervisor: Teruo Higa
Editor: Bin Ke
Prepared for the 1st International EM Medical Conference
EMMC Steering Committee
Okinawa, Japan
November, 2001

Keynotes Speech, by Professor Teruo Higa
I would like to extend my gratitude to all of you for your cooperation in organizing the First International EM Medical Conference. As Dr. Usmani just mentioned, EM possesses a very wide diversity of mysterious power. Through my research on EM for the past twenty years, the roles or power of EM may be summarized under the following three headings; antioxidation, deionization, and regeneration.

Antioxidation is now common knowledge throughout the field of medicine. When we talk about antioxidation, we tend to think about antioxidants, vitamin C and vitamin E. In fact, EM contains only a small amount of these substances. Instead, the major components of EM include various polysaccharides that have attracted attention lately, as well as chelated minerals, which differ somehow from olizanol and inositol, the conventional antioxidants. These chelated substances are characterized by having an antioxidation effect while possessing catalytic actions.

In human beings, nutrients are absorbed into the body in ionized forms. This occurs not only in humans, but also in plants. Therefore, there is a misunderstanding that everything that is ionized is good. This is because if a substance is ionized under the usual condition, free radicals are induced. In other words, if a substance remains in ionized form and comes into contact with oxygen, it is converted into harmful substances. Therefore, a substance in a persistently ionized state has a minus aspect. The most important thing is that they are in an easily ionized state up to the time of absorption. This is the essence of deionization. EM has a very special property. When EM is used, substances in ionized form are converted into deionized form. Then just before they are ready to be absorbed by plants or animals, they instantly change back into the ionized form.
This principle was first utilized in making permanent battery in industry. When a battery goes out of order, this occurs when excessive ions are accumulated, or when excessive free radicals are generated. Deionization prevents the excessive accumulation. Therefore, when we talk about deionization, we do not mean that all the ions are deionized, but to change those ions that are in a state of inducing free radicals into a normal state, and to prevent the ions from getting into a state of excessive reactivity.

I have mentioned this in my new recently published book entitled “Ocean Salt with Amazing Regenerating Power”. In this book, I wrote that there are two kinds of salt. One type is good for your body and the other type is bad for your body. Salt that is bad for the body has a strong ionizing power. And, because the ions of this salt strongly induce active oxygen species and free radicals, consequently it becomes a salt that is bad for the body. However, when this strongly ionizing salt is treated with EM, it is changed into a deionized state and becomes a salt good for health. As soon as you start taking this salt, the body condition greatly improves. Food also becomes tastier with it. The salt has properties different from common salt. The basic property of this salt resembles the property of deep seawater collected from a depth greater than 200 m. This deep seawater possesses wonderous properties; for example, nails do not rust when they are left in this water.
This salt has the same properties. In fact, this applies to all matter. For the same substance, whether it is said to be good or bad for the body all depends on the level of ions. Whether or not a substance induces active oxygen species and free radicals determines whether it is good or bad to the body. The characteristics of using EM, EM-X or EM ceramics is that with time, the substance turns to a deionized state, and it stops causing harmful effects.

Various regenerative phenomena occur when EM is used, although the mechanisms are not yet understood.
When iron is immersed in EM-X, a phenomenon that the iron increases in mass; that is, in weight, can be observed. Usually, when iron rusts, its mass decreases. With EM-X, the weight of iron is increased. This phenomenon cannot be explained by the conventional scientific theories.
For example, after using a new razor blade, if we immerse it in EM-X and observe it, we find the following. Immediately after use, the blade is slightly dented. On the next day, when we look at it under microscope, the blade is continuous and has recovered to its original state. Our research reveals that compared to the initial measurements, the mass and energy are both increased.
When EM is used diversely in agriculture, even after snow falls, the grounds applied with EM are not covered in snow and the snow soon melts away. When used on roads, the roads do not get frozen up. They are both associated with a special kind of wave. This phenomenon is unlikely to occur if extra energy is not added to the system.
In the beginning, we tried to explain this energy by calling it magnetic wave resonance, because we found that the energy resonates with magnetism. Afterward, through research conducted by various researchers, some scholars advised me and proposed that the energy may be gravity wave.
Conducting research to prove the existence of gravity wave resonance has been a difficult task. Even so, Dr. Seki who is engaged in the research of gravity wave resonance has demonstrated that a considerable number of microorganisms generate gravity wave. These microorganisms are useful bacteria that are commonly used in food processing, including lactic acid bacteria and yeasts. Almost all of these useful bacteria have the capability to produce antioxidant substances. It has been published that these bacteria generate gravity wave resonance. Subsequently, we also investigated this aspect, and found that among these bacteria, photosynthetic bacteria generated tremendous gravity wave. Photosynthetic bacteria possess various wonderful properties. One of the properties is that they convert very strong heat shock stress into electricity so that they are not harmed by the heat. When the photosynthetic bacteria are isolated in pure culture and strengthened, even after boiling at 100°C they are not killed. If we mix these photosynthetic bacteria that are resistant to over 100°C with clay, bake it at 1200°C into ceramics and leave it on a clean bench in a germfree state, then if we culture the ceramics in a medium containing nutrients for the photosynthetic bacteria, we get colonies of the photosynthetic bacteria. We repeated this experiment again and again. Finally, by checking for bacterial chlorophyll (pigment possessed by photosynthetic bacteria) and DNA sequence, the results confirmed that these bacteria were undoubtedly photosynthetic bacteria.
We presented these results at the Conference of Applied Microbiology Association, but nobody believed our findings. After exchanging various opinions, we asked them if the methods we used were incorrect. After explaining our methods, everyone was convinced that our methods were correct. Then we asked, \”In that case, would you agree that our results are correct?\” The answer was, \”Well, I still cannot believe them\”. It would have been simple to do validation experiments, but no one has done them. This situation continued for 4 to 5 years. Our research capability was not sufficient to convince everyone of our findings. Then we decided that such arguments would not lead to a conclusion, and that our research direction should be to use this theory to improve the functionality of all the substances. We have continued our research along this line until today.
What is the property of this gravity wave resonance? It is an ultra high frequency wave, stronger than X ray and possesses frequencies higher than gamma ray. However, this wave is a longitudinal wave, while conventional energy waves are horizontal waves. Its waveform is just like the way genes are folded inside a chromosome. This is an ultra high frequency wave. Usually, high frequency waves generate a tremendous amount of energy, such as the gamma ray. However, contrary to common knowledge, the gravity wave has very low energy, and is in fact in an ultra low energy state. When light, heat or color stimulation is added to this wave resonance, they are expected to be totally taken up by this ultra high frequency and ultra low energy state.
As you are all aware, black holes exist in the universe. A black hole gathers all the cosmic light and dust, which regenerates or integrates to form new planets. These planets are said to be generated from the white hole on the opposite side of the black hole. The fundamental element, or function, of a black hole has been said to be gravity wave. In other words, light in the universe is generated as a result of the degeneration of matters, a process of increasing entropy in the system. And, gravity wave has the power to gather all the substances with increasing entropy and bring them toward the direction of regeneration .
In fact, we have confirmed recently that the same phenomenon may be caused by EM. EM has the mysterious property that the more EM is used, the greater is the accumulation of its effects such as antioxidation, deionization and regeneration caused by gravity wave. Since the accumulation continues, as EM is repeatedly used, the results become better and better in later experiments compared to the initial experiments .
This also applies to the health of human beings. When we repeatedly apply the gravity wave resonance or spray antioxidant to equipment or machines (such as computers), the performance of the computer will be improved by about 25%. Even for cars, a car that ran 8 km per liter during the first year has the running distance increased by 1 to 2 km per liter every year, and on the fifth year, it is running at about 15 km per liter. Usually when a car gets old, the fuel efficiency also goes down. In the case of applying EM, the fuel efficiency increases as years go by. This is reverse entropy.

These phenomena cannot be explained by the conventional heat energy theories. From our various studies, we recognize a phenomenon that when the gravity wave becomes stronger, the released unused energy, in other words entropy, accumulates and this is converted back into available energy. Then, through this energy, substance is regenerated. Conversion of energy into material is a reversal of the entropy theory. Usually, when material degenerates, energy or light is generated In the case of EM, we see the phenomenon that energy is being accumulated and this energy restores .the material in its surrounding back to the normal or even to an enhanced state. Without this theoretical background, the increase in the mass of iron by EM treatment which I mentioned earlier cannot be explained. We are thinking continuously of how to apply the gravity wave possessed by EM in a practical way. I think this wave resonance is related to the many magical effects of EM that we have observed so far.
In fact, the effects of EM are by no means magical, but are all interrelated with antioxidation, deionization and gravity wave, and reflect the phenomenon of a reverse process of the conventional theory of entropy.
I have designated this phenomenon of regenerative reversal with a term opposite to entropy; “syntropy”, combining “syn” as in synthesis and “tropy” as in entropy.
Technology so far has been established based on the principle of increasing entropy. Looking at it from another perspective, the fact that entropy is increased means that free radicals are produced in large quantities. Conversely, syntropy is to accumulate free radicals and various forms of unused energy, turn them into available energy, and through this energy to make new substance and strengthen substance, resulting in regeneration and ultimately cleaning of the environment. This is the fundamental concept for EM.
I hope you would bear in mind these three points as background while you observe the phenomena brought about by EM.
Next, I would like to change the subject to talk about microorganisms. Our knowledge on microorganisms is very poor. According to common sense, all bacteria are killed at 100°C or by autoclaving. But, in fact, the bacteria that die at 100°C or 120°C are restricted to those bacteria that inhabit the surface of the earth where oxygen tension is high. This is probably a matter of fact. However, for the group of microorganisms including the photosynthetic bacteria that I mentioned above, microorganisms that convert strong energy of the electron pathway into electricity; in other words, archaebacteria (ancestral bacteria of microorganisms), and extreme microorganisms (microorganisms that exist in highly limited harsh habitat), they do not die at 100°C. We now know that many kinds of such microorganisms exist in nature. This year, the Japanese Institute of Physics and Chemistry presented the findings of microorganisms having an optimal growth temperature of 114°C. Incidentally, the usual boiling point is 99°C or 100°C . Yet reported this year were other microorganisms that proliferate at temperatures higher then the boiling point. Up to now, 8 types of microorganisms having optimal growth temperatures between 90°C and 93°C have been reported. Recent studies in America have suggested a concept that microorganisms can be found ubiquitously in the soil throughout a depth of 2 km from the surface of the earth.
In nature, there are mysterious stones such as the volcanic glasses, obsidian and tourmaline. Some stones generate electricity. These stones are hard and are fantastic minerals used by the early people as cutting tools. When we break these minerals, put them into various nutrients and subject them to X ray or ultraviolet ray, from these stones we isolate microorganisms that we have never seen or even dreamt of until now. It has been said that the harder the stone, the better quality water one may get by putting the stone in water. Even from these hard stones, microorganisms have been isolated, or imprints of microorganisms have been detected even when culture is not possible.
These findings confirm that it is not unusual to find microorganisms anywhere in the layer 2 km from the surface of the earth. Even at the depth of 10,000 m down the ocean floor, many microorganisms exist. Almost all these bacteria are fermentative microorganisms; and the majority is the same types as EM. In this sense, our understanding of microorganisms is greatly affected by the habitat; from the surface of the earth where oxygen exists to places where oxygen is absent. It is important that we keep this in mind.
The theme for today’s talk is the application of EM technology to medicine. You all have in your conference bags a copy of “Clinical and Basic Medical Research on EM-X: Collection of Research Paper, Volume 1”. This book contains a collection of all the scientific data on EM that has been available from the year before last to last year, as a means to provide you with the latest information on EM. When reviewing the results contained in this book, we do not consider EM-X alone, but also the three conditions that I have mentioned above; that is, antioxidation, deionization and gravity wave, as a basis of selection of all these papers. When you read these papers, I hope that you would consider the mechanisms not only from the antioxidation point of view, but also from the other aspects.
The objective of the first International EM Medical Conference, as indicated in the announce-ment, is about preventive medicine.
When we are already sick, the cost of treatment is high and in various senses we inconvenience a lot of people. Therefore, we should take various approaches to prevent the occurrence of diseases. There is a global situation that the cost of medical treatment is increasing to the extent that it is creating a financial crisis in various countries. When the State is not providing health security, then the individual burden will be very great indeed.
The measures taken to prevent diseases involve an area different from the scope of medicine we know of so far. WHO Association of Japan (Japanese association for the World Health Organization), one of the sponsoring organizations of this conference, kindly participates in this meeting because they support the concept of disease prevention rather than cure.
Naturally, our health is supported by the environment, water, food and air. Therefore, it is common sense that when these elements become polluted, we get sick. This pollution at global level should be tackled properly with EM.
Regarding EM medical information, although it is obvious that we have started off with curing diseases using EM-X, this strategy of curing diseases after they have manifested is only the second best measure. The best strategy is to apply preventive measures before getting sick. If we think seriously of human health, a total approach to prevent diseases should be established. Even for holistic medicine, the central concept is to take a holistic approach to cure diseases that have already occurred. But, that is not correct, a holistic approach should also consider how not to get sick.
For this reason, I published a book last year entitled “EM Medical Revolution”, as introduced before. An excerpt has been included in the collection of EM research papers. However, the main interest of the readers over this book “EM Medical Revolution” also centers on how to cure diseases. Once again the emphasis is put on the curative side, and EM is not being used as I have hoped. Because of this, it is important to increase the awareness starting from food and environment.
Therefore, in this International EM Medical Conference, we have invited you to join the International EM” Medical Conference including the EM technology as a whole.

The information that I am going to talk about today is not from the viewpoint of curing diseases with EM but what to do to prevent diseases. I shall summarize this in 6 points.
1. EM in agriculture
EM has the superior capability of being able to decompose dioxins, residual agricultural chemicals and pollutants in the soil, and the ability to clean the soil. However, it does not always work with only one application and may require multiple applications. Of course depending on the degree of pollution of the farm land, one application may be sufficient for decontamination, but, with repeated applications of EM, the crop is improved. In addition, agricultural products grown with EM have strong antioxidant activity and are tastier. The basic principle is to use EM thoroughly in agriculture to produce excellent agricultural products, that is, products with high antioxidant effect and high functional capability, and then to eat these products for health.
As I mentioned in my welcoming speech today, the food shortage problem in North Korea was completely solved in three years through using EM. In North Korea, EM is used in almost all the agricultural land, and all the agricultural products are EM crops. Recent data have shown that in these three years, the number of hospitalization has decreased and the number of patients has also been reduced significantly. These beneficial effects are probably because all the foods are derived from EM. The result is that agricultural chemicals or artificial fertilizers are hardly used there. Water and underground water is also almost free of pollution. We have started to solve the huge problem by linking environmental improvement with reduction of sick patients.
Recently in Japan, dietary therapy using EM grown vegetables and rice has been practiced in various facilities and groups, and has achieved great results. Especially, exceptional results have been obtained for diseases that are difficult to treat by contemporary medicine. The image of health care may be changed if EM agriculture would spread throughout Japan as in North Korea.
Recently in Japan, some people are growing EM at home using the rice-washing water with honey added, and use it various ways. They dilute the broth 500 times and use the water in pickling and washing vegetables or rice. By doing so, the wave resonance and antioxidant effect that EM possesses will eliminate harmful substances such as agricultural chemicals, or control the situations that generate free radicals. At the end of cooking, EM-X may be sprayed on the food. Using these methods, the harm from agricultural chemicals is almost completely eliminated and the food also becomes tastier. Health also improves to a high level. However, this method is only the second best strategy.
To incorporate the power of EM in daily life, we have added EM to salt as I mentioned earlier, and produced salt with a high EM wave resonance. We are presenting every participant in this conference a bottle of this salt to take home as souvenir. This salt has a good mineral balance. Even if you eat it as it is, you would not feel thirsty. If you use this salt for cooking or put this salt on food at the end of cooking, then the EM wave resonance increases. Food that has a negative score will turn to a wholesome state for the body. In short, eating this salt routinely is a prerequisite to maintain health.
In Japan, various opinions have been expressed. For example, someone might say that there is no need to take such measures if we are thankful for the food given to us and express our gratitude by saying \”thank you\”. O-ring tests may prove that right, therefore express your gratitude before you eat. Well, that may also be correct. But, including this method, I think we should take various steps to make sure that the food we eat is sound.

2. Antibiotics
Huge amounts of antibiotics are being used in animal farming and fishery, resulting in the emergence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria worldwide. Although overuse of antibiotics in hospitals is also another factor, more antibiotics are being used routinely in animal husbandry.
Studies have been done to inject cows with EM-X in place of antibiotics. As a result, better yields are obtained even though antibiotics are not used at all. The cows grow well, and the meat has a full score of 21 points for wave resonance. This value means that eating this meat will also improve the health of human beings. Obviously this kind of meat is not available all over the country. However, with ordinary meat, we can also soak the meat in an EM broth that has been grown at home using rice-washing water, or rub EM salt into the meat, or spray EM-X on the meat, or store the meat in bags made with EM-X, then the meat that has a negative resonance score will become positive and change into a condition that is good to the body. While we try to establish farming methods that do not use antibiotics or other drugs and ensure its widespread and thorough use, at the same time we should take measures for those products not produced by the EM method and change these products into a good EM state and a good resonance state before we eat. This is a very important point.

3. Sick house syndrome and hypersensitivity to chemicals 
Sick house syndrome and hypersensitivity to chemicals are important problem nowadays.
Many people are developing hypersensitivity to the carpet, paint and various chemical substances used in buildings. This has adverse effects on the nerve and the whole body, leaving the subjects always in a state of poor health. To overcome this problem, the rooms may be sprayed with EM-1, EM-X or ceramic powder once a week. And, clothes may also be washed with EM. By taking these measures, hypersensitivity to chemicals can be solved. For several years now, we have received many reports of patients who overcome this hypersensitivity by applying EM technology. In other words, it is a must to keep our own home in an exclusively antioxidant state and maintain a high field of gravity wave. If we do not take these steps to improve our living environment but only depend on taking drugs or EM-X, then we are choosing a less effective approach. The point is to conduct EM treatment for all the tools, including the clothes we use everyday.
In Japan, two contractors are selling houses that protect against diseases. In these houses, cement and all the building materials are totally treated with EM-X, EM or EM ceramics. Sure enough, foods placed in these houses do not rot easily. In a family where family members visited the hospital once a month in the past, now no one needs to go to hospital at all. Now there are more than 200 such houses, and they are increasing in popularity in Aichi Prefecture. By using EM in the house, the house itself also lasts longer. I think the durability will increase by about two-fold. We have received many reports that the people living in such houses actually become healthier. We shall collect these data and report them to you at a later date.

4. Legionella and Cryptosporidium
Legionella and Cryptosporidium are examples of parasites and microorganisms that are resistant to ordinary disinfectants. In fact the anthrax bacilli also belong to this group. By thoroughly using EM in the environment, these pathogens can be controlled. By using EM in mains water treatment, or by passing the chlorinated water through EM ceramics before it is used, the growth of these pathogens can be suppressed. The idea is to create a condition in which pathogens that generate freeradicals do not proliferate. This principle is also applied to tap water. Currently, some municipalities are formulating health-building plans by treating water with EM and passing water through EM ceramics before the water reaches the tap.

5. Food processing
The fifth point is food processing. We routinely process various kinds of food. By using EM-X instead of preservatives and additives or attaching EM ceramics to containers during food processing, foods showing negative resonance scores will turn to positive scores. These methods are necessary when food has to be kept for a long time. In fact, when these treatments are continued, foods that have been kept for a longer time become more beneficial to health compared to the beginning of treatment. They are changed to processed foods that are good for health. Together with solving the food problem, these methods will solve various issues of food processing and at the same time changing ordinary foods into foods with functional capacity and health benefits. I hope that you recognize the potential for development even in this area.

6. EM-X ceramics 
Using a plastic bottle impregnated with EM-X ceramics, even chlorinated tap water turns into tasty and good-quality water. EM-X ceramics can be incorporated into tables, all plastic wares, even clothes, and earthen pot or cooking utensils with enameled surfaces. When these utensils are used for cooking, harmful substances are almost totally eliminated. In the Festa P Hall, many such products are now on display. Even without these utensils, just placing EM-X ceramics into the pot during cooking makes a great difference.
While it is very important to consider curing diseases clinically, in reality it is more important to consider disease prevention. Before diseases develop, if everyone would understand and implement the measures I have mentioned above, we shall be heading for a disease-free world, in other words, a true medical revolution. In anticipation of attaining this goal, I shall end my keynote speech here. Thank you for your attention.